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?Becoming Intuitive At Will
Rayner GarnerDo you long to have the answer to your daily problems? An answer that can come from within untrammelled by other people?s ideas and biased advice.
There is such a way, which requires that you awaken your intuition to order by using a technique that I discovered quite by chance. This technique requires that you play a pre-recorded message to yourself while you are in a state of reduced consciousness.
This state of reduced consciousness can be either when you are asleep, under hypnosis or while you are in a state of deep relaxation, such as can been achieved by using Autogenic Training.  (Browse to
to read more about Autogenic Training, or go to a library and get a book out about how to do it.)
If you try to play this message while you are fully awake, I found that the conscious mind would usually reject the message. This message is deceptively simple but has powerful results.

Share the Pleasure, Not the Pain

It has always surprised me that so little attention appears to be directed at discovering why our culture is suffering from a veritable plague of sexual dysfunction. From the constant search for a satisfying orgasm, and fulfilling relationships to the horrific numbers of pedophiles and other sexual predators that this society has spawned, we rarely hear from sexologists and other scientists as to why this is so.


Share the Wealth, Not The Violence

The sharing of resources is obviously necessary if our species is going to survive. If we want our children?s children to inherit a sustainable planet it is time to enter into a new manner of thinking and behaving. The concept that any person should be entitled to a vastly greater share of resources, or would need to create unlimited surplus goods or energy to hoard for his personal use, should be as dead as the Dodo.


Is intuition an important part of your decision making process?